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Building a RabbitHole Competition
Create a rabbithole competition event team. Considering the bear market, start-up projects are having a hard time funding themselves. The winning project of the rabbit hole contest will not end up paying a fee to be listed on quest, which is a way to support start-up projects and contribute to the development of crypto projects. Background:Using Rabbit Hole quest as the base portal, users with Rabbit Hole credentials will vote on projects submitted for the contest to participate in the Rabbit Hole contest, and the most popular participating projects will be placed on quest for free. The most popular projects will be placed on quest for free. High quality users of rabbit hole will interact with the participating projects to increase the visibility and quality of users of the participating projects. Target audience: rabbit hole, project owners, rabbit hole voucher holders Theme: Rabbit Hole Competition Duration: The competition will be held once a month. Rewards: NFT, tokens NFT: co-created by the rabbit hole and the winning project, if the project has a retrospective reward for the user in the future, the NFT holder needs to be included in the reward as a priority. Tokens: Token rewards are provided by the winning project to cover the user's gas, and the number of token rewards can be limited. If the project does not issue tokens, usdc or other stable coins can be used as rewards. Project type submitted: NFT, DEFI and other types, mainly around the main or layer 2 network Project Submission: Project name, social account, project description, project rewards and plans for the future Activity period: Week 1: The official Rabbit Hole Twitter account will post the link to the competition, and the Rabbit Hole team will conduct a preliminary review of the project. Week 2: The projects will be sorted and posted on snapshot and voted on by Rabbit Hole credential holders. Week 3: The rabbit hole team will communicate with the top 3 teams in the voting process. Finalise the details of the quest, NFT and token rewards etc. Week 4: Final winning project is posted to quest. Users with rabbit hole skill credentials and brightid bundles can participate in quest. For projects that pay to participate in quest, there is no need for any community voting, etc. The rabbit hole team is dedicated to tracking the service and can go live with quest straight away.
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